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Microcontroller-Based Design incl. Full PCB Development

TestWorks Group has extensive experience in microcontroller and microprocessor-based design, allowing us to provide a flexible solution for a multitude of different applications.

Applications include hospital bed/mattress controllers, industrial glue controllers, drug delivery systems and coin dispensers.

Experts in Microcontroller-based Design

  • Full microcontroller & microprocessor design capability
  • ARM Cortex M3, STM32, MSP430 and similar
  • CAN bus integration
  • PIC development
  • Bluetooth LE via Cypress PSOC

Latest News:

Merger and acquisitions

Merger and acquisitions

TestWorks Group recently merged with PTP (Product Technology Partners, Cambridge), and has also acquired Adept Automation (Aylesbury), AGS Electronics (Dunfermline) and Almec Electronic Assembly Services…

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