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Liquid Level Sensor

TestWorks Group develop and manufacture an innovative, cost-effective range of solid state liquid level sensors.

The sensors have been designed to offer liquid control in a wide range of applications in the Automotive, Medical, Food, and Chemical industries, and work on the principle of Total Internal Reflection using infrared LEDs and detectors.  This means that there are no moving parts in the liquid and the colour and density of the liquid is not significant. Customisation is possible to achieve optimum performance for specific liquids.

The sensor tube is made from FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) for optimum chemical resistance, with a stainless steel header for strength. Alternative materials can be selected for individual  applications. Due to its chemical resistance, these sensors are suitable for aggressive liquids, including acids.

The small size tube and clean lines allow for easy cleaning. Most materials do not adhere to FEP, ensuring accurate measurements.

Our sensors can be manufactured up to 2 metres in length with a measurement resolution of 2mm, and require only a 12V-24V DC supply with a proportional 0-5V DC output (alternative outputs available). 

Also available as an option is temperature measurement by use of a sensor embedded in the tube at a level specified by the customer.


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